003 -How To Learn Spanish If You Don´t Have Time? [+ FREE cheatsheet]

How to learn Spanish if you don’t have time[+ free cheatsheet] If lack of time is your mayor obstacle, you can download today’s freebie to start getting results from no won even if you just have 15 minutes per day. Do something a little extra and see what happens. Print the cheatsheet and start today.

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How To Learn Spanish If You Don´t Have Time? [+ FREE cheatsheet]


Are you so busy that you don´t any have time for learning Spanish? Are you juggling between your job, your kids and other responsibilities? Is your lack of time stopping you from being fluent in Spanish? Today we are going to find solutions for your busy schedule.
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In this Episode

  • What is the key to speaking Spanish fluently if you don´t have time;
  • Easy way to create a habit to think and speak Spanish fluently;
  • Why having too many options is bad – a quick tip from Tim Ferris on automatization that will free some of your time for language learning;
  • How to avoid the famous “mañana español”;
  • Why creating rhytms in your life is the best way to learn Spanish;  
  • Some examples from my life that might give you some ideas on how to learn Spanish even if you have only 15 minutes per day.

Further Reading and Resources to Become Fluent in Spanish

•    [FREE Video Course] The Easiest Way to Learn Spanish: 7 Laws to Speak Spanish Fluently. For more info click here.
•    Grab my FREE book: “30 Days To Mastering Spanish Listening: The Must-Have Guide For Podcast Lovers”.  To learn more click here. And if you want to improve your Spanish even faster, you can grab the audio version here: Yes I want the premium version!

Your Challenge for Today

Create the rhythm in your life to learn to speak Spanish starting now. To help you achieve that, here is your FREE template. Print it and start today. Do something a little extra and see what happens.

How To Learn Spanish If You Don´t Have Time? Our FREE cheatsheet will help you with that:

Tell Us What You Do!

Once you’ve created the rhythm in your life, the plan for learning Spanish, let us know what you did in comments below so we can learn from you. Also let us know what impact your actions have. And don´t forget to subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher, so you wan't miss any episode.


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Karo Martínez

Karo is a Spanish teacher, blogger and passionate language learner . She helps busy people to switch from learning Spanish to actually speaking it in a natural, fun and stress-free way She is based in Barcelona, Spain, so when she is not recording podcast, you can probably find her roller-skating near the beach.