[007-2] Speak Spanish Like a Spy: a dangerously entertaining way to learn new Spanish vocabulary (part 2)

In todays episode of the podcast we will learn to speak Spanish like a spy: dangerously entertaining way to learn new Spanish vocabulary. Today we talk about Ian Fleming’s most famous character: James Bond, the secret agent 007. But obviously this is just an excuse to dive into Spanish expressions, Spanish idioms and new Spanish vocabulary that you can use in your Spanish conversation with friends. And there is also a fun survey for you to participate! Repin this for later!

Drawing by @Mynameismau


Speak Spanish Like a Spy: a Dangerously Entertaining Way to Learn New Spanish Vocabulary (part 2)

Hello! Today we continue our journey of learning Spanish with the most famous spy in the world: Bond, James Bond.
I have received a very good feedback after the first part of this podcast. In general, all listeners liked the idea of an episode with a fun topic and also the idea of learning new vocabulary, Spanish expressions and Spanish idioms the natural and entertaining way.



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Some announcements:

  • I have received some emails and voice messages from listeners who suggested some new topics for future episodes. Thank you for your suggestions! I keep them all in a special “notebook” with all your feedback. And if you too have a topic that you would like me to talk about in the podcast, you can send your suggestion via Facebook or via a totally free voice message.
  • I am a new user on Twitter, but I have discovered a fun and easy way to give you more opportunity to practice Spanish. Everyday I try to come up with a short fill-in-the-blank-sentence for you to complete. So I invite all the listeners to participate (our Twitter is @PodcastEspanol) Here is the latest example, and there are still some hours left for you to participate. Please don´t forget to retweet!
fun and easy way  to give you more opportunity to  practice Spanish . Everyday I try to come up with a short fill-in-the-blank-sentence for you to complete. So I invite all the listeners to participate (our Twitter is  @PodcastEspanol ) #learningspanish #learnspanish
  • And the last big news today is that Español Automático Podcast has been featured by iVoox as a New and Noteworthy Podcast. This is a real honor and I am absolutely delighted! And I know that some of my listeners listen to our podcast in iVoox and has voted for me, so thank you very much!

Other resources to learn Spanish:

  • Transcript: You can download FREE transcript for today’s episode here.
  • The natural way to learn Spanish: The Español Automático system is based on what I've learned at University, on new neurolinguistic discoveries, as well as on my own experience. I have dedicated all my life to learning languages. I’ve been studying 8 languages so far although I am fluent in 4 of them, and I use all of them everyday at work :)  I have created a system which I think is The Easiest Way to Learn Spanish - its called: 7 Laws for Speaking Spanish fluently (7 Leyes para aprender a hablar español sin esfuerzo). You can subscribe to this FREE 7 days course here, and we will let you know when it's available. The course contains audios, videos, cheatsheets and transcripts so you can read if you prefer - I hope you will like it and apply it to take your Spanish to the next level!
  • Grab my FREE book: “30 Days To Mastering Spanish Listening: The Must-Have Guide For Podcast Lovers”.  To learn more click here. And if you want to improve your Spanish even faster, you can grab the audio version here: Yes I want the premium version!

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Next week I will post a new and exciting episode! Happy listening!

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