010 - Spanish Expressions Everybody Ought To Know: Romperse la Cabeza

Spanish Expressions Everybody Ought to Know: Romperse la cabeza. We continue the cycle of podcasts where I explain Spanish sayings, common idioms and Spanish expressions to help you achieve fluency in speaking Spanish. Listening to our free Spanish podcast will help you learn spoken Spanish even without realising it, in the natural and fun way. Don´t forget to download the free transcript for each episode. REPIN for later & share with your friends who also want to learn Spanish.

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Spanish Expressions Everybody Ought To Know: Romperse la Cabeza

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In This Episode

I will explain Spanish expression proposed by Giovani via Facebook: “romperse la cabeza”. First, I will explain its meaning and I will give some examples on how you can use it in conversational Spanish. We will also practice your pronunciation.

It´s important to know and understand Spanish expressions and Spanish sayings because they are used everyday in conversations between native speakers. I will do more often this kind of podcasts so you can get to know well all the Spanish expressions necessary to understand and participate in conversations in Spain.

And if you also have any question about Spanish idioms, expressions or Spanish sayings, you can contact us via Facebook, Twitter or here by recording your voice message. I take note of all your suggestions, and I will try to reply to all of them in the near future.

Further Reading and Resources to Become Fluent in Spanish

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Your Challenge for Today

Try to use this expression this week. You can use it in your conversations with friends, or simply practice it on your own. How many times will you use it this week? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experience after listening to today’s episode in the comments below.

A Motivational Quote for You to Keep Learning Spanish:

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